Phil Hester is the artist on Shipwreck, the upcoming book written by Warren Ellis about a very strange shipwreck, so he seems to be doing jsut fine in the comics world, especially with a large and well liked body of work behind him.

BUt as he revelas in an interview at Comics Bulletina vision problem last year led to the worst year of his life, drained his savings and taught him many lessons:

You’re settling into a comfortable middle age, things change. All of a sudden you realize you can’t see as well as you once could. You have trouble seeing the lines that once were as clear to your eyes as the hands that drew them. You find that you’re working slower than you ever have before and that your highly professional work isn’t of the same level of quality.

Terrifying, right?

That’s what happened to comic artist Phil Hester last year. A veteran of the comics industry, with a line of credits dating back to the early 1990s, Hester discovered he was losing his vision – after having a separate scare about his heart. No wonder he calls the last year the “worst year of my life professionally.”

Young folks who feel great don’t imagine they’ll ever feel like crap, but it happens. Health insurance isn’t just a privilege earned by working for a company. Sitting at a desk all day – even if it’s what you love doing – has a lot of deleterious health effects.


Just read the whole piece. Lessons for all. And glad that Hester is back and doing his usual stellar work.


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