Just looking over various “Week in review” posts at various sites it strikes me that today is an amazing day in comics history, with new releases by Jules Feiffer, Farel Dalrymple, Carla Speed McNeil, Lucy Knisley, Ulises Farinas, Sean Phillips , Renee French, Eichiro Oda and many more…a mind boggling mix of the world’s greatest cartoonists and talented up and comers,. And the best thing about it?

This isn’t even that unusual.

If you weren’t planning to go the the comics shop or bookstore today, maybe you should.

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  1. I’ve already read Feiffer’s book. It’s pretty great, a little challenging, and fascinating to see how his storytelling brain works in long form. Like he’s been keeping these ideas bottled up a long time. Nice to see one of the masters still at the top of his game.

  2. Well… some of these have been on sale for a while (Kill My Mother, Wrenchies), as few graphic novels rate a Strict-On-Sale date. (And some, like Mr. Punch, are due out next Tuesday, which is “new book day” at bookstores, or next month, like Don Rosa.)

    So, yes, we live in exciting times, but today is just one of many amazing days.

    Last Saturday was rather epic: Fan Expo Canada, Dragon*Con, Pax Prime, and the National Book Festival, all at once. Four major shows, all marketed to different geek constituencies (pop culture, SF, gaming, bibliophiles).

    Pure historical epicness? I’d say a strict-on-sale title that has people lining up at Midnight would be required. (But I’d settle for one which is featured on 60 Minutes or a morning show.) I’d prefer something mainstream, which catches complacent comics shops off guard. Perhaps a YA Neil Gaiman original graphic novel. Or a new GN series by Jeff Kinney.

  3. Steve, that Marvel Masterworks box is choke full of Kirby goodness. Including some rarely (if ever) reprinted stuff from Not Brand Ecch!

    I have preordered at least the Judge Dredd and New Lone Wolf volumes. I’m waiting for the box on the Don Rosa collection (I do have those stories in a bunch of previous editions already!). And I do want to buy that Void book, but it will be in the original french.

  4. I just finished Masterful Marks and the Wrenchies and I recommend both of them. It does seem we’re in some weird golden age of awesome comics-whether they’re classic strips never reprinted before or new books that knock you off your feet.

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