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Is Static joining Young Justice cartoon?


This interview with Young Justice Lead Character Designer Phil Bourassa has a few clues if you want to connect the dots. Early in he explains his intro to the world of animation:

Phil Bourassa: I got into animation a little bit by accident, I guess. Originally I had wanted to be a comic book artist. I published an independent book about ten years ago with a grant from the Xeric Foundation, hoping I could use it to get work in the industry. As fate would have it, one of the people who bought my comic happened to be a producer for WB at the time. She gave my book to Denys Cowan, (co-creator of Static and the rest of the Milestone characters) who was just getting ready to start developing the third season of Static Shock. I guess he liked my work well enough to take a chance on a newcomer. At that point, they were looking to get a fresh take on some of the characters and were probably hoping I would be able to bring a new perspective. I think they figured out pretty quickly how inexperienced I was, but still let me stick around long enough carve out a little spot for myself on the crew.

And later in the interview:

WF: As we wrap up this Q & A, care to give us an idea of what we can expect in upcoming episodes of Young Justice, perhaps any particular designs or new characters you’d like to point out?

PB: I’m not sure what episode will have aired by the time you guys run this interview, needless to say, season one is gonna end with a bang! As far as characters to look out for in the second season, let’s just say there is one we will introduce that brings my animation career full circle.

That’s either a total fake-out or a strong indication Static is joining. The fact that DC is keeping the character in the mix in Teen Titans despite his own book’s cancellation would tend to corroborate this.

What do ya’ll think? Would this be a good move?

• That Xeric book by Bourassa was something called FIRST WORLD, BTW.

  1. Rocket (from Icon) is the new cast member (or at least reoccurring character) of the group. She’s already been seen with the team in a couple of screen shots on teasers and she fits the sidekicks on their own formula.

  2. Wow, if Rocket is there then maybe Icon will be showing up? I gotta tell my oldest daughter. She was a fan of Static Shock and Teen Titans, and the hints that Batman (yes, Batman!) kept dropping to Static that he’d meet the Teen Titans someday left her with a sad taste in her mouth when both shows got canceled…

  3. I remember enjoying First World too. I wondered what happened to it. I guess it’s not a big surprise that another promising cartoonist was snapped up by the world of animation. Good for him, but I still like comics better!

  4. Static is not going to be in Teen Titans. It seems no ONE in DC wants to do anything with him. This was pretty much confirmed at World Con last Sunday.

    I guess it will take a John Stewart movement that we saw in Justice League cartoon that lead to Kyle gettign tossed in the JLA comic. TO get Static used by anyone in comics.

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