Some Lost personnel were just at the Paleyfest yakking about their continuing anxiety over upcoming fan reaction to the final season, and they also let this thrilling news drop:

Since few fans really expected major secrets to creep off the island during this friendly panel, the most exciting bit of news for series fans might be that Disney is considering turning the island attraction at Disneyland (once the ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ Tree House, later a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’-themed scene). Yes, ‘Lost Island.’ Theme park fans should stay tuned.

We seem to remember hearing a different(?) rumor that whatever is Tom Sawyer’s Island now was going to be turned into Lost Island, which makes a bit more sense, but who knows. We’ve never trod this “Pirates themed” attraction (the changes to the original PotC ride were so traumatic we’re afraid to go back to Disneyland) but the Swiss Family Robinson “tree-house” thingamajigger was super lame, involving a non-perilous clamber over a rope bridge and so on. Replacing it with, say a giant black tentacle that sounds like a taxi printer and shakes you around — or a giant lighthouse mirror, maybe…is a swell idea.

ALSO: if, like us, when you heard about the tsunami alarms on Hawaii this weekend, your second thought (after “Oh God, please no!”) was “Oh God please, don’t let the Lost sets be destroyed before season 6 ends!” then take some comfort in the fact that the penultimate episode is shooting right now. WE’RE ALMOST THERE.

But back to Disney-lost. What would be YOUR favorite part of a Lost attraction?


  1. I hope they have a scavenger hunt for religious statues filled with heroin! Actually considering how messed up every character is…and how many heroes are killers etc. is this really a good idea for Disneyland? I’d much rather it get a separate park like Islands of Adventure did with Harry Potter. Makes way more sense and more space for various hatches!

  2. It’s not even Tom Sawyer Island anymore. It’s been converted over to a Pirates of the Caribbean movie themed island. I’m not sure how to converted over the frontier army fort, but then again, I’m not really sure how that tied into Tom Sawyer.

  3. Disneyland’s Swiss Family Treehouse was converted to Tarzan’s Treehouse in 1999, and remains so. It was lame before and lame now, but keep in mind that it was a B-ticket attraction. (Note: I always used my B-ticket to go on the Alice in Wonderland ride.)

  4. Maybe its a Disneyland/Disney world difference but I think its still Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom.

    Replacing it with a Lost Island would be great. Polar Bears, smoke monsters, giant statues, crashed planes. Come to think of it, just change the jungle cruise.

    Actually I think Disney should build a whole Lost resort, so you could stay in New Otherton.

  5. The underground tunnels where the Hostiles stored Jughead. That place looked like an adventure and a half. And of course a sweet replica of the Swan station, any place with airplane wreckage, and the chamber where you come face to face with the Smoke Monster is always welcome. (For the last one, can’t you see it being pretty sweet in 3D?)

  6. According to Wikipedia, Tom Sawyer’s Island was changed in 2007 to “Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island”. WDW Magic Kingdom still has a Tom Sawyer Island, as does Tokyo. Paris and Hong Kong have islands, but with different themes.

    The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House at Disneyland was redesigned for Tarzan. Paris, Tokyo, and Orlando still have SFR. Tarzan’s tree has two SFR easter eggs. Disney plans to re-produce SFR in 2012.

    Lost Island has heroin, Castaway Cay (where the Disney cruise ships visit) was once used by drug runners and supposedly drugs were found during construction. Only 55 of 1000 acres are in use, a perfect spot for a Lost attraction. (It is currently were the Flying Dutchman is anchored.) That island was also used in Splash.

    Of course, Disney once thought of putting a theme park on a super tanker: the “S.S. Disney”.

  7. “Actually considering how messed up every character is…and how many heroes are killers etc. is this really a good idea for Disneyland?”

    LOST – everyone has daddy issues

    Disney cartoons- traumatic death of parents

  8. At fifteen minute intervals, a wave of tree shaking begins from one end of the island to the other accompanied by smoke monster effect or Hurley’s Dharma van. Cave with Adam and Eve, another cave with names (and you can enter your name at the entrance and it will be projected onto the wall…and then eerily crossed out!) The lighthouse contraption will be in the cave (for light control) where it is being repaired and as the mirrors spin you’ll see various sites, including reflections of a live feed from the other parks of people watching “their” lighthouse spin. Various ruins, lots of whispering voices on speakers – in fact the caves will be filled with 3D sound effects which seem to zoom past you.

    And, of course, a one hole golf course.

  9. How are we neglecting the awesome Oceanic 815 ride that brings you to Lost Island?

    Better hope Dad gets back from the tail-end bathroom before the fuselage rips in two and sends him shrieking into a 15,000-foot free fall… of fun!!

    Hey, Little Timmy, get away from that engine before it sucks you in and explodes… with fun for the whole family!

  10. I want a “Turn the WHEEL” experience… but it’ll probably be a rip-off like that “Pull Excalibur from the Stone” in front of the Merry-Go-Round… and you WON’T move DISNEYLAND to a whole new time/space coordinate! Bummer.

    Maybe DISNEY castmembers offering facepainting to look like the (Fake) Others would good— esp on all those 4, 5 and 6 year olds!

  11. This sounds awsome!!!!!!!! can I get this in righting from Disney its self. I can imagine it now, hatches, trees, smoke monster, and the cages, (get your picture taken locked in, but the key mistyriously brakes, and you have to try to get out.) animatronics, the cave idea with your name but it mysteriously gets marked out, plane debry, Jacobs Cabin,(Maby a spooky haunted house kinda thing,)a swiming pool maby, (A recreation of the pond were 5 of the oceanic six landed in, water fall and all.) And so much MORE!!!!!