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Shakly San Diego bootleg cam shots supplanted by real thing here:


  1. Actually – I did kinda groan when the Black Sabbath song started blasting through the trailer.

    I one time blogged about an incident that occured between my roommate and I around the time the Marvel Iron Man DTV feature came out. He was wondering what animated movie I was watching on my dvd. I told him Iron Man. His reply was: They made a super hero out of a Black Sabbath song?

    This sort of reinforces my roommate’s belief that for the past 40 or so years, Iron Man was the creation of Ozzy Osborne rather than Stan Lee.



  2. Some friends of mine run the FX company doing this film–I got to see the 2 min. pitch which landed them the job– it was basically something like the final few shots of this trailer, Iron Man outrunning jets– only not NEARLY this cool. This film is going to rock…!