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Irene-watch: Stuck inside? Read some comics!


With some 65 million Americans stuck inside this weekend due to the potentially devastating hurricane, what are you supposed to do but read some comics! While paper-based products will be the most useful if the power goes out, if you want to burn a few pixels, there are tons of great comics online to keep you busy.

ComiXology has just released a new version and from fooling around with it a few minutes on our mother’s iPad, it’s great. They’ve launched their own “Good books for bad weather” promo, so go dig in.

First issue of Spider-Island: I Love New York City
One free comic we already have given the Beat stamp of approval to: the debut oif Spider-Kitty above, written by Skottie Young with art by Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin of CreatureBox. Nice to see one of the big two actually embracing the cutecore comics movement.

If you don’t know CreatureBox, check out more from this incredibly talented duo at their website.

The print edition just came out, but if you haven’t purchased it yet, preview over 250 pages of Kagan McLeod’s kung fu epic INFINITE KUNG FU, at the Top Shelf 2.0 website.

We’ll be back with some more suggestions and linkage (The Beat is stuck inside too!) but in the meantime, check out our epic webcomics recommendation thread from June with hundreds of webcomics in the comments.

  1. My work is thankfully closed today and tomorrow so I have the day off but my boyfriend has to work tonight! WTF!!? I’m going to go with him, I don’t want to be separated during the storm. So no comics for me and hopefully I won’t die. Stay safe everybody!

  2. Wow, I just reread Locke & Key Volumes 1, 2, & 3, in preparation for Volume 4. This series is outstanding. So, so good.

  3. I actually spent the day reading, of all things, the old First Comics giant robot series “Dynamo Joe”. I picked up the whole run a while back for something like a nickel an issue, and it seemed like a good day to sink my teeth into some old comics. Pretty good stuff.

  4. I still had to make it to work here in Philly (where it wasn’t as bad as predicated) but I still had the chance to finish off Anders Nilsen’s delightful Big Questions backstage.

  5. I’m nowhere near a hurricane, but I spent yesterday getting caught up on the latest 6 issues of X-Factor, plus 4 issues of The Unwritten….great comics, all. Then I watched Harry Potter 7.1 and couldn’t help thinking the entire time how awesome it would be if, 10 years from now, Daniel Radcliffe starred in a film version of The Unwritten.

    Oh yeah, and I read the infamous Ultimate Fallout #4. It was one of the most boring, nonsensical comics I’ve ever read in my life. The Spider-Man story was repetitive and did nothing to get me excited for what should have been a pretty exciting story, and the other 2 stories were so “inside baseball” that they failed at the basic elements of storytelling (i.e. telling me who the characters even are, what their deal is, and why what’s happening to them in the story matters — to them or me). Just awful, awful stuff. I can’t believe this was anyone’s idea of a good issue to market to newcomers because even as a guy who lives and breathes comics, I got nothing out of this book.

  6. @jacob – Yeah, it barely felt like a bad storm here in South Philly. But Manayunk…ugh.

    I had to get out after the storm, so Sunday I stopped over at Brave New Worlds in Olde City and finally picked up the new Dark Horse Presents. Loving it!

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