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Nikki Finke reports that Marvel is attempting to make sure its superheroes sell overseas via the time honored tradition of an “advisory board”:

Spider-Man dancing a Bollywood number? The Hulk dressed in a Mao jacket? It could happen. (Though Thor is already worldly in his Norse outfit, and Captain America won’t translate.) Marvel Entertainment announced today that it’s forming an “International Advisory Board” comprised of business leaders from key international growth markets to work with Marvel executives to explore opportunities for expanding the penetration of the key character brands in international markets.

Along those very same lines, idle THOR casting rumors, but when did that ever stop us from posting pictures.? Latino Review spotted THOR director Kenneth Branagh having lunch with Alexander Skarsgård, the 6’4″ Swedish son of Skellan Skarsgård, and, well, you know the mind wanders and you could picture him saying “Verily!” We’re not sure if Swedes are allowed to play Norsemen…we’re weak on our Scandinavian etiquette.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post(!) scrounged up some pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal as The Prince of Persia. He may not be Persian, but he sure is a prince. Hey now!

  1. Swedes have just as much claim on Norse mythology as anyone else in Scandinavia, which historically consists of modern Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

    (Though they do tend to prefer the spelling “Stellan” to “Skellan”, and male offspring are known in English as “son”s not “sun”s… regardless of how blond and radiant they are.)

  2. Captain America won’t translate?? Of course, he will! Call him Captain America, and show him kicking obressive, fascist butt — all the things that made him great in the first place. And there are quite a few countries over there that know obpression.

  3. I think they should just change the letter, colours and facial hair depending on the target country. Keep everything else the same.

    “Vous pensez que cette lettre sur mon chef est censé représenter l’Azerbaïdjan?”


    And so forth.


  4. For those who don’t know: Norwegians and Swedes hate each other, and the same goes for the Danish and Swedes, the Danish and Norwegians are chill: once as a young teen in Denmark and being loud and drunk a big tough danish dude came over and asked if we were Swedish, to which we replied “no”. He told us to stop acting like ones and walked away:)
    It’s been my experience that Swedes and Norwegians merely pay lipservice to their mutual hatred and that it is all in good fun and jovial as we swap “Polish jokes” about one another:)

  5. Alexander Skarsgard was one of the best things in Oz. His framed ‘everyman’ character made me both weep and cheer at the screen over the seasons.

  6. Oh, and having said that I don’t think any Norwegians lay any particular exclusivity claim on Thor being Norwegian… you know, even though we all know he is;)

  7. Alexander Skarsgard was also phenomenal in HBO’s Generation Kill last year. I think he’s got the chops and the look to pull off a pretty interesting take on Thor.

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