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And the first shall be last! Jonathan Ross was a comics-loving nerdlebrity LOOOOONG before it was fashionable. Granted, he’s better known in the UK than in the US — in the UK, he’s kinda of like Conan O’Brien, and here he’s the guy all your British friends seem to know about. Anyway, long after celebrity written comics jumped the shark, Ross is jumping the dolphin with his own comic! Luckily it’s drawn by the excellent Tommy Lee Edwards and Ross is actually known for being funny, so maybe it will be good. Due from Image in April.

This is great timing, because Ross has just had to offer to take a pay cut to 50 percent of his £6 million salary for some TV license reason; Luckily, comics are quick way to riches, especially with that phat option money, so Ross shouldn’t feel the pinch any time soon.

Say, Ross might just have to come to San Diego to promote this, so Neil Gaiman, you’d better buy some chapstick!

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  1. You know Ross was at San Diego this year right? Where he was signing deals for Turf? And cosplaying with Lawrence Fishburn’s Event Horizon suit from the movie…

    He’s not so much Conan O’Brien in the UK as he is David Letterman crossed with John Stewart. He has a massive appeal in the UK over the last twenty years, and is probably the most popular UK broadcaster going right now… and BBC America have picked up his weekly chatshow now, too.