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If a real Spider-Man fought crimes, it would look something like this



An Australian comics shop owner who was dressed as Spider-Man for his Free Comic Book Day festivities confronted a real life perp, who tried to steal a $150 X-Man Omnibus.

And yes, it was caught on the surveillance camera. Of course it was.

Michael Baulderstone, 45, owner of the Adelaide Comics Center, said he was dressed as Marvel comics character Spider-Man for Saturday’s international “free comic book day,” which promotes literacy, when a customer without a costume grabbed a $150 book, the “X-Man Omnibus,” from a window display, The Times of London reported Monday.

Another employee of the store, who was dressed as the Flash, and other customers, dressed as Jedi Knights, helped subdue the suspect until police arrived.

There is so much to parse from this story.

First off, had the man never heard of Amazon? That is where you go to steal omnibuses.

Also, it’s important to note that the perp was not wearing a costume. That means he’s a bad, bad man.

Finally, as the video shows, a real life Spider-Man’s crime solving would involve walking around holding a rucksack. Thank god Bendis is here to jazz things up.

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  1. aww, with it muted like that you can’t hear his witty one-liners. I feel like I’d almost rather watch spider-manager get tipsy at the comic shop bookstore and hit on that new clerk he just hired.

  2. Why wasn’t he crouched down on top of a shelf to avoid detection? And why didn’t he spin a web to capture this villain? Where was the girlfriend? And did it make front headlines in the London Times? Was he jealous that the book in question was about his rival, X-Man? I will not rest until these questions are answered.

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