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ICv2 chart analysis: Marvel on top again


ICv2 looks at Diamond’s may comics sales charts:

Marvel dominated periodical comic sales in the May earning big gains in both dollar and unit market share thanks to a slate that included eight of the top ten best-selling titles. For the second month in a row a Fallen Son: Death of Captain America title (2 covers; 50/50 ratio) was the best-selling title followed in May by the Steven King-derived Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #4. Other Marvel top ten titles included Captain America #26, New Avengers #30, Astonishing X-Men #21, Amazing Spider-Man #540, Mighty Avengers #3 and World War Hulk Prologue, while DC Comics placed Justice League of America #9 in third place and All Star Batman & Robin #5 (originally solicited in the Late Cretaceous) in the ninth sport. DC’s Countdown series appears to be off to solid start, but Marvel’s World War Hulk titles did even better and its looks like they just might keep the mighty Marvel engine roaring across the next few months.

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