Sources have confirmed that Hunter Gorinson, Valiant’s VP of Marketing & Communications will be leaving Valiant on Friday.  It was Gorinson’s decision and he remains on good terms with the company.  Starting next week, Gorinson will be working with Valiant as a consultant and helping them find a suitable replacement for his old position.

Gorinson himself commented about this on Twitter:


We expect there will be a more formal announcement soon, but in the meantime, we’ll just say The Beat can think of at least two major publishers where Hunter would be a massive upgrade.


  1. Hmmn… that’d be IDW and Darkhorse? No, wait, I’ll get it… Oni and Image?…. running out of names…

    So that’s two departures from Valiant. Hope the quality of output keeps up still.

  2. This is heartbreaking!! Gah! I truly loved this company and really enjoyed talking to Dinesh and Hunter at the cons. This is awful news…

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