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Humphries joins Hickman for Ultimate Comics: Ultimates


Sam Humphries is going to the ultimate ultimate with ULTIMATE COMICS: ULTIMATES. We are really just posting this as a shout out to long time Beat pal Sam Humphries, who will be co-writing the book with Jonathan Hickman starting with issue #10; Luke Ross is the interior artist. Humphries has been at the writing game for a few years, but he’s finally about to blow up, with a ton of new assignments.

On Marvel’s “apprenticeship” co-writer system, Humphries said, “I love it.” “Having someone like Jonathan watching over to make sure I don’t blow myself up with fireworks … allows me to ignore the pressure and focus on making a great comic book,” he said. “I’m looking forward to eating his brain and stealing all his secrets.”

Hickman added that the takeaway was, to break into comics, “make really, really good indie comics that other creators enjoy.”

Humphries was asked, given his background, whether superhero comics were something he always wanted to do. “Sure. I may have been a self-publisher, I may have published a really pretentious comic about having sex with vegetables, but I came up in comics,” he said. “I would love, for the entirety of my career, to be able to do more of these,” he added, “but also continue to do indie books that make it really hard for people to sum up what they’re about.”

  1. Well that’s nice for Humphries, but the only reason I even bought the Ultimate books after the most recent relaunch is that I was under the impression Hickman had some grand master plan along the lines of his FF run. I guess I’ll be dropping this and going back to only reading USM (of the Ultimate line).

  2. If Humfries wants to continue doing Indie books, he’d better not be good at his Marvel gigs, otherwise he’ll be swamped with WFH so he’ll have no time for indie books

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