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How other really see us, via The Huffington Post


How other really see us, via The Huffington Posthttp://ift.tt/I4bhKS

Man, you think the comics world is hot shit, and then you see this headline at HuffPo:70-Year-Old Woman Auctions Off $1 Million Worth Of Comics. Which means Maggie Thompson is selling her comics.

Thompson, 70, has been collecting comic books since she was a girl in the 1940s. She married another comic book collector, Don Thompson, in 1962. Twenty years later they left Ohio, where Don Thompson had worked as a reporter, for Wisconsin to take over editing duties for an industry magazine, Comics Buyer’s Guide.

They spent years working on the magazine. It grew into a paper-and-ink equivalent of a Facebook page, connecting comic fans, distributors, writers and artists across the country. Don Thompson died in 1994, and CBG folded in January. But Maggie Thompson is still as sharp as Wolverine’s claws. She blogs about industry happenings and can talk for hours about how comics have evolved from something parents abhorred to a part of mainstream culture.

“Paper-and-ink equivalent of a Facebook page.” Yep, that’s what we called ‘em alright, as we scrubbed our union suits on the washboard in the crick.

(This was going to be kibbles n bits but I have a plane to catch. Sorry.)

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