At a recent tech conference, mobile content delivery platforms were debated:

At the YPulse Mashup conference in San Francisco this week, a lunchtime discussion about mobile marketing among representatives from Microsoft, Disney, Viz Media and teen cause group YouthNoise provided an inside glance on the mobile of today (think early AOL) and the mobile of tomorrow (kiss your laptop good-bye).

Microsoft in particular betrayed an odd preoccupation with size, foretelling the death of the laptop “as we know it” in favor of ever-more-sophisticated smartphones that double as sync-able remotes for big screen TV/computers. (Think revival of Microsoft Media Center.)

So in the future of communications technology, there is no room for middle ground. Portables go into pockets, and at-home interfaces are wall-sized.

Comics content is discussed along the way. Hello Zuda? Hello Flex?


  1. Comics on phones have been around for a couple of years now, just in the US (not even getting into the international mobile comics scene!). It just makes sense that as the handsets evolve, the applications will become more prevalent and sophisticated.

    The dearth of information on the existing mobile comics scene, in the comics community, has always surprised me. TOKYOPOP has multiple titles available on mobile, TMNT is mobile, the new Thunder Road is now mobile, PvP, TMCM, etc…there are more titles already available on phones than you might think.

  2. Your mobile doesn’t have to be very big at all. In fact, any web-enabled cellphone could serve as a mobile content delivery device.

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