200811121341Marvel’s Black Panther is coming to BET television — and apparently as a “he”! — making it Marvel’s first prime time animation. And it’s just been announced that Benin native Djimon Hounsou will do the voice:

The series will be adapted from six issues of the Marvel comic of the same name, which were penned in 2005 by director, producer (“The Boondocks,” “House Party”) and former BET president Reginald Hudlin.

“It’s a blessing for African Americans and minorities to have a superhero they can identify with,” said Hounsou of the character, which was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, debuted in 1966 in a Fantastic Four comic and later headlined his own volumes beginning in 1973.

“The Black Panther” is Marvel’s entrée into prime-time animation, and Djimon raises the bar for all involved as we bring the best in the animation business together to execute that vision,” commented Marvel Animation prexy Eric Rollman.


  1. I thought this whole series was in the can and had assumed Keith David did the voice?

    Isn’t this supposed to premiere in a few months? There was a trailer for it on the Incredible Hulk DVD!!

    Man, they’re really cutting it close.