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Hope Larson’s studio


March ’07:

  1. I live in the same city of Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) as Hope and Bryan along with SETH, Steve McNiven and Darwyn Cooke (actually, Darwyn is a 2 hour drive out of the city)

    How COOL is that?

  2. wow! that electric thing in the middle of the room – looks like a monster tower computer – big, what kind? mac? pc? where’s the monitor? keyboard? hmmm – whoops it’s a heater! gotta get my mind back to analog!

  3. Also… did you notice the two cats on Bryan’s chair? Could Bryan be pulling a “Bob Kane” by using Ghost artists?

    One cat pencilling, and one cat inking?

  4. I believe Seth lives in Guelph, ON. He’s definitely not in the area! But we DO also have Rebecca Kraatz, Mike Holmes (who just finished drawing a book for Oni Press), and Faith Hicks of various webcomics fame.

    That’s a portable radiator! This room was originally used for storage, so it’s unheated.

    We wish the cats would spot blacks with their tails, but so far no dice.

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