Well, what were we just saying about comics adapting literary classics? Hope Larson reveals the cover to her A Wrinkle in Time adaptation and talks about some other projects that sound cool, including a new comic she wrote with art by Tintin Pantoja, a short film she’s directing, and a vegan ice cream recipe.

Larson is best known for her original YA GNs MERCURY and CHIGGERS. We look forward to seeing all of these projects.


  1. Super excellent. L’Engle’s work meant so very much to me as a child… nice to see it getting some love from a very talented creator.

  2. Hmm, as a big fan of the book I don’t think this cover does justice to it at all… Why so generic? I mean, the book is full of such fantastic elements, while this looks sort of dull.

  3. Definitely looking forward to the insides of the book, but the cover is terrible. The whole look is dated. The logo reminds me of The Twilight Zone and the three small figures in blue are so static and look like Shrinkie-Dinks pasted on the design. Please tell me they’ll go back to work on this. And why choose to zoom in so much on the main characters? And the ears! Whoa!

  4. Yeah, my first thought was, “Where are the Tesseracts and Mitochondria and Cherubim?”

    But my second thought was, “Well, tiny figures against a field of stars, that makes sense. And the faces of the siblings in the lower panel are okay, all kinda worried-looking.”

    Then my third thought was, “Hope Larson has proven her ability to connect with young readers, so maybe it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t really connect with me. I can still wish the project well, even if it’s not really for me. I’m not a kid any more, I don’t have to love everything that kids are into, even stuff that I remember loving when I was a kid.”