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Holy crap, more cute comics: Baltazar and Franco's AW YEAH COMICS


Awright! A new monthly comics from the TINY TITANS team.

We’re proud to announce… AW YEAH COMICS! Starting in September, we’ll be publishing a monthly comic starring our mascots Action Cat and Adventure Bug! You’ll see a wide cast of crazy characters. The book will be all ages fun, available only at the store, or at conventions. We will do mail order. The writers and artists will be different each issue, featuring new & established creators! Wait until you see who we have lined up.

  1. I’m definitely going to go out of my way to get this. Tiny Titans sucked because the reader had to know stuff about DC continuity, but this will be all awesome because it’s free of that constraint!

  2. @Chris Hero: my daughter’s four years old, and she loves Tiny Titans. If she can get around not knowing stuff about DC continuity and enjoy the comics, I think you can too.

  3. Agree with Ken Raining; when my son first started reading Tiny Titans, he knew little about DC continuity, and Tiny Titans was his favorite comics series. The kids don’t care! (Son is now 17 and knows more about DC continuity than I do.)

  4. What Ken and Kat Kan said. Every kid I know loves Tiny Titans, and none of them know squat about DC’s convoluted continuity.

    I’m sure this will be just as great.

  5. This is really cool news. I love that they are going to be using different contributors besides just themselves and that it’s going to be a monthly endeavor. I really hope they work out some kind of national distribution plan even if it is only digital for the monthly issues. Maybe team up with the new Monkeybrain digital outfit? Seems like a good fit to me! Personally, I’d subscribe for $2 monthly for a digital version.

  6. I tried and I hated Tiny Titans. I gave the floppies I bought to my nephews (10, 8, and 3) without any judgement and they hated them, too. We all agreed after the stories and jokes made no sense. The nephews LOVE Bone and Amulet, though. Especially Bone. So do I, so maybe we’re all cut from the same cloth?

    Sorry, I’m not inside the superhero bubble.

    The illustrations were cool, though. Like I said, I’m over the moon happy they’re moving on to something that won’t be constrained by continuity.

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