Barnes & Noble is planning for a “terrible” holiday season, and Borders is on life support, meaning declining orders for graphic novels, ICv2 reports:

The nation’s largest book chains are feeling the pain of the financial crisis and passing it on to their suppliers, with a tough holiday season and 2009 ahead. Graphic novel buys for November and December have been cut 30% to 60% by the two largest book chains, according to one major graphic novel publisher.


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Our thoughts? Stock up on peanut butter; we’ll all be eating a lot of it.


  1. The trick to eating with peanut butter is trying to add variety — different flavors of jelly and jam help, as well as the occasional banana or marshmallow fluff. Also, it could be used to create a peanut sauce to spoon over chicken to give a nice Thai-influenced meal.


  2. Actually, Peanut Butter costs more per pound than meat.

    Rice is good. Cheap, and fills you up. Get a bottle of adobo or other seasoning, and it can be quite yummy. You can also mold it into different shapes and pretend you’re eating “real” food.

    Supplement your meager diet with multivitamins.

    And remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green day.

  3. Christmas is going to be a bloodbath – from a former life, I still have links with buyers for a lot of the major (UK) chains and they are expecting it to be just a terrible Christmas – We will see large (and unexpected) companies go to the wall in early 2009.

  4. HEY!!!!! Take responsibility for your own gosh-darn future. I’m eatin’ what ever the heck I damn well please. Hors d’oeuvres?