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UPDATE: Via TheOneRing.net news of a San Diego scavenger hunt:

TheOneRing and Weta launch ‘Hunt for dragon’s treasure’ after panel Thursday at Comic-Con


Thursday at Comic-Con, immediately following its about an unofficial and speculative (but informed) look at the forthcoming pair of films based on “The Hobbit,” TheOneRing.net, with a big assist from Weta, will launch a physical scavenger hunt for dragon’s gold at the San Diego Comic-Con. Prizes will be provided by Weta and include the book “The Art of the Fellowship of the Ring,” signed by Richard Taylor, Alan Lee, John Howe, Gino Acevedo and Daniel Falconer and 50 Weta Dollars. Read on for all the details!

Weta chief Richard Taylor, TORn’s guest at the panel, will officially send
listeners and anybody else who wants to participate, scurrying for the loot with a clue regarding its location.

The item to find is a large “gold” coin, handmade by Weta Workshop and then hidden in the Convention Center. The winner will receive acclaim and glory at both Wetanz.com and TheOneRing.net where we will post the winners.

Those wishing to claim the prize will be required to be visibly wearing a temporary Weta tattoo (whilst stocks last), provided at the Weta booth and to those at the panel by TORn staffers.


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