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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: HEX VET: THE FLYING SURGERY poses new challenges for Davies’ witches-in-training

Clarion and Nan put on their problem-solving hats... again


When Dr. Talon is away, witches-in-training and veterinarians to magical creatures will play. Or… something. Sam Davies‘ magical graphic novel series from BOOM! Studios gets a new installment this winter with Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery, and The Beat has an exclusive first look at the next misadventure for our brave and problem-solving protagonists, Clarion and Nan.

It’s time for the monthly “Winged Creature Clinic” at Willows Whisper Veterinary Practice, where flying creatures come from all over the land to get treated, and Clarion is excited to have his Grandad joining them at the clinic as a volunteer. But when Glenn the Wildlife Warlock brings in an injured flying pig that looks like it may have been mistreated, that’s one complication too many, and panic strikes while a greater mystery unfolds. 

It’s up to everyone’s favorite witches-in-training, Clarion Wellspring and Annette “Nan” Artifice, to keep everything under control at the chaotic clinic while Dr. Talon is away, and solve the mystery of the flying pig on top of everything else! 

These witches-in-training just can’t catch a break. The Flying Surgery follows last year’s Hex Vet: Witches In Training, the first in Davies’ series, which is available everywhere books are sold. In that story, an injured rabbit with strange eyes wrought havoc on the veterinary clinic and tested Clarion’s and Nan’s problem-solving skills, ultimately teaching them lessons about witchcraft, animal care, and cooperation. The sequel is sure to be just as dynamic and engaging.

Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery hits comic shops Dec. 18 and bookstores Dec. 24. Check out an exclusive, five-page preview below.

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