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HEROES IN CRISIS Expands to Nine Issues, Adds Artist Lee Weeks


DC’s Heroes in Crisis limited series will now span nine issues rather than seven as previously planned, the publisher announced in a press release.

The book will also add Lee Weeks to an already-stacked art team that includes Clay Mann and Mitch Gerads. Heroes in Crisis is written by Tom King, who has won Eisner Awards for past collaborations with both Gerads (Mister Miracle) and Weeks (Batman/Elmer Fudd). Gerads and Weeks will essentially be spelling Mann, the primary artist on the book, with Weeks drawing the third issue and Gerads drawing the seventh.

DC has billed this as a major event, different from the publisher’s usual crises in that rather than threatening the very nature of reality, it will instead address how superheroes deal with PTSD. Also, there’s a murder mystery at the heart of the thing.

Here’s Everything We Know About Heroes in Crisis, a look at the event’s complex ambitions, and coverage of a weird press conference about it that Tom King hosted on a boat at SDCC. Everyone had to wear white robes. Weird.

The full press release from DC follows:

Beginning September 26, Eisner Award-winner Tom King’s new limited series, HEROES IN CRISIS, introduces a new generation of readers to the concept of a “Crisis” within the DC Universe. This time, instead of a reality-ending event, this crisis is ripped from real-world headlines: How do superheroes handle PTSD? How do DC’s Trinity—Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman—handle the traumas and anxieties of fighting crime and saving the world, over and over again? And what happens when the safeguards that have been in place for years, fail?

First announced as a seven-issue series by Tom King and artist Clay Mann, HEROES IN CRISIS now expands to nine issues, with King collaborators Lee Weeks and Mitch Gerads providing art for the added issues. These issues will provide added insight into King and Mann’s epic tale, with Weeks (BATMAN/ELMER FUDD) handling art duties for issue #3 and Eisner award-winning Gerads (MISTER MIRACLE) providing art for issue #7.

HEROES IN CRISIS #1, written by Tom King, art by Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey, lettered by Clayton Cowles and edited by Jamie S. Rich and Brittany Holzherr, hits shelves September 26.


  1. Other than the artists involved, I’m still waiting for something that will hook me about this series. Another 2 issues isn’t that. Whatever happened to the hope and optimism from Rebirth? Now it’s all about angst and murder again.

  2. Trade Wait is my plan nowadays. all these monthly Crisis Books and all the other silliness, well, IMHO, the pamphlet days are waning.

    When this is one nice big book and I can sit and read the whole thing, that is gonna be good.

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