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Here’s your first look at THE DREAMING: WAKING HOURS #1

He sounds terrifying, but he just wants a friend.


The Dreaming: Waking Hours #1 by G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles is the follow up to their debut on the series, which saw William Shakespeare’s return to the Sandman universe. Right here, we’re got a look at a nightmarishly good Bill Sienkiewicz cover, as well as some unlettered interiors from Robles and colorist Mat Lopes.

Wilson and Robles are joined by colorist Mat Lopes and cover artist Bill Sienkiewicz, for a story about the debut soft-boy, Ruin. According to PR, he’s just one of the new characters set to appear in Waking Hours, alongside some old faces. If you want to dig more into the character, you check out Wilson’s essay on the character here. 

Here’s the official series description:

One of Dream’s heaviest responsibilities is the creation of nightmares—the beings that haunt our sleep and turn our thoughts toward darkness. In the form of Ruin, the nightmare of catastrophic failure, Dream was certain he’d built his next masterpiece…but Ruin can’t help but live up to his name, sending every situation into a spiral of unexpected consequences. Unfortunately, Shakespearean scholar (and exhausted new mother) Lindy has dreamed of Ruin…and in the process, she’s delivered him unto the waking world!

The Dreaming: Waking Hours #1 hits shelves August 4, 2020 as a Black Label title. Scroll down for a look at what to expect – and make sure to wipe the sand out of your eyes by the time Ruin arrives.

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