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Here’s a first look at The Inhumans and someone please rescue Medusa from her hair


Undeterred by vast indifference from the comics public, Ike Perlmutter’s lifelong dream of a filmed version of The Inhumans is still coming right for us.

Originally set to be a film that was to come out next year, Marvel’s Inhumans is instead now a television series on ABC, following in the footsteps of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter.

The series, which will debut its first two episodes on IMAX screens, will be showrun by Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck. Entertainment Weekly has just given us our first peek at the cast, which includes Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as Medusa, Iwan Rheon as Maximus, Ken Leung as Karnak, Eme Ikwaukor as Gorgon, and Isabelle Cornish as Crystal. Mike Moh is also on board as Triton, but he’s nowhere to be seen in the below picture:


The Beat’s take: Medusa’s wig looks EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. Can’t wait to see that in Imax.

— Additional reporting by The Beat


  1. My worst fears are coming to pass. I’ve always been afraid this was gonna look as cheap as AoS and it seems that it does.

  2. Yeah; Disney created some great new algorithms (or routines or whatever) for hair for use in Moana, so you gotta figure those will be used for Medusa’s hair in Inhumans.

    And live-action super-hero costumes often look silly in these posed photos but look better in action on screen, so I wouldn’t read too much into the quality of the final project based on this one photo. (Though you may question the wisdom in releasing it as the first and so far only publicity for the project…)

  3. After the unbelievably awful “Thor 3” trailer and now this third-rate cosplay, I think Marvel execs must have an ongoing bet about just how bad they can make the product they release and still have the public eat it up. So far The Beat continues to prove just how gullible the public really is.

  4. Wow! Just like Jack Kirby drew them! Hopefully, they’ll look more like their original designs by the time this thing starts.

  5. Wow, that looks incredibly boring. The most boring characters in the Marvel stable, who have never managed to hold a series for more than a year or so in a show run by the guy who gave us the incredible boredom that was Iron Fist. Seriously watch that if you suffer from insomnia. I cured mine in two days flat.

  6. This looks awesome! I would have preferred a mask for Black Bolt so we get the tuning fork. I can’t believe they kept Crystal’s hair. Now I want to see how they did on Lockjaw. Can’t wait for this.

  7. It’s a terrible first publicity shot (Black Bolt looks so grim and serious as to verge into parody) but I await an actual trailer to see the cast in action. The presence of Iwan Rheon gives me hope.

  8. Crystal looks great. The others? Not so great.

    But I don’t have strong feelings one way or another about the Inhumans, and haven’t paid much attention since Kirby stopped drawing them. (That was about 1970.) I think of them as great SUPPORTING characters in Fantastic Four. Like Wyatt Wingfoot.

    Big question: Will Lockjaw appear? And are there any shots of him.

  9. PLEASE dont tell me Gorgon is played by a black characte.
    Dont get me wrong, people,im FAR from racist. But WHY does Marvel change the race of its characters ??? It started with Kingpin, then Nick Fury, Human Torch, Electro, NOW Gorgon ???
    Might as well cast a black actor for Captain America, Spiderman and Iron Man

  10. @ Ray – okay, cast a black Captain America,Spider-Man, and/or Iron Man. It’s not as though any of them have any particularly relevant race/ethnicity/religion in the comics.

  11. The biggest surprise to me is that they have actors over 30 playing roles. The trailer for the Krypton TV series has Jor-el played by an actor who looks like he’s 19 years old.

  12. But why do Black Bolt and Medusa’s costumes look so cheap and horrible? They’re presumably the protagonists and everyone else looks much better dressed…

  13. With her long straight hair and super long dress, Medusa looks like she should be attending the Apostolic Church of Super Heroes.

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