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Henry Cavill teases Superman’s new costume for JUSTICE LEAGUE


Hey spoiler-alert, since apparently a few folks didn’t know this in regard to my Suicide Squad review, but……

Superman died at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It doesn’t really make much sense in a larger context given that we know he’s coming back for Justice League, but in-story it almost works in a vacuum, if you squint *really* hard and try to forget that the end-result in terms of changing public perception is a direct lift of the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

Anyhoot, he’s coming back, and hopefully a happier, sunnier fella! But maybe not right away, cause take a look at this tease from Henry Cavill’s Instagram:



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Looks like the Black Resurrection Suit is headed our way! We shouldn’t be too surprised with this development, given that Warners has been obsessed with both “The Death of Superman” and his resurrection for going-on 20 years. They finally were able to shove Doomsday into a movie, you better believe that black suit is happening too! Though, sadly, the best part of “The Reign of the Supermen” (the four Superman and the fun stories that cropped up around them) will not make it to the screen. And really, if I can’t ever get Cyborg Superman on the big screen, then what’s the point of life?

Good thing we have guitar playing Aquaman to soothe my busted feelings.



  1. We bought a few BvS mini figs for my nephew yesterday, and the ads included a pic of Superman in the black costume. I haven’t seen BvS so I asked him if Superman wore the black costume in the movie; he said no, so I figured he’d probably be wearing it when he comes back in JL.

  2. Snyder is moving closer to his ultimate plan to have every hero dressed identically in black burkas with eye-hole slits. DC movies sure hate color and characters with blonde hair! Ugh.

  3. Relax, internet. The black duds might be in use for only a few scenes in the movie.

    And, just a wild guess — but I’m thinking a bright blue and red supersuit will be unveiled at film’s end.

    (Now, what I would hope for is that the new outfit will include red Kryptonian, wear-em-on-the-outside underpants with a yellow belt to secure them!)

  4. It’s a shame they have to skip the Supermen, because that’s what got me interested in comics again, and could attract new people to the Super franchise. Plus be a lot of fun. I’d stopped reading comics in high school, and the death of Superman didn’t pique my interest. But when I saw that DC was apparently freshening up the character of Superman with four new versions, I totally fell for it, and started cruising convenience stores to pick up the stories of Superboy, Steel, etc. excited by something new and different.

    But with a feature-film road map laid out for the duration of the second Clinton administration, and cinematic-universe continuity demanding that Henry Cavill’s Superman appear in a Justice League tentpole for Christmas 2017, there just isn’t room for that kind of innovation or surprise, is there?

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