§ Milton Griepp seeks panelists for two NYCC panels:

Call for NYCC Panelists!!

For two panels on Friday–on manga retailing and Seuling New York shows.

We’re rounding out our panels on the two topics above, both of which will take place around mid-day on Friday, April 18th at New York Comic Con. If you’re a retailer attending the show that’s willing to share your experience in manga retailing; or were a dealer, guest, or otherwise involved in the Phil Seuling New York shows that has some good Phil stories, please contact Milton at [email protected] asap. Also, if you have photos taken at one of Phil’s New York shows, especially of Phil, please scan and e-mail. Thanks!

§ Kelly Sue DeConnick seeks babies:

Is anyone else taking babies or kids to San Diego? Our nanny really wants to come with us — which would be great — but we’re trying figure out if it’s financially plausible. If she could sit for more kids than just Henry while she’s there, it would help. Anyone…?

[Link via Tom Spurgeon]


  1. No, Jamie, I’m pretty sure they have two au pairs that dress up in french maid outfits (Kelly Sue likes that) and that they pay them in diamonds.

    Or possibly back-issues.

  2. Brian, I am interested in your deeds and would like to subscribe to your trade publications.

    (y’know, a good nanny is hard to find. I say bring her.)

  3. Clearly there’s too much money floating around in comics. NOW you know why comic books are so expensive – you’re paying for… nannies for Pete’s sake.

    A nanny? Cable TV?

    What next?

    A car?

    Internet Access?