Speaking of crowds and branding, we have a FEW openings for staff reporters for The Beat’s coverage of the 2016 New York Comic Con on October 6-9.

NYCC has cracked down on the number of press passes this year, so I know a lot of good people have been left out. We have been given a handful of slots to fill up, so here’s your chance.

What we need:

• A commitment to cover a least two panels a day. If you have another outlet that you work for, or your own site, you can of course cover other events for those outlets. However, we ask that your Beat coverage stay exclusive.

• Clips of prior work. Please be aware that The Beat’s coverage is read by people in all levels of the comics and entertainment industry, as well as passionate pop culture fans, so we do ask for a level of professionalism equal to that scrutiny.

• Tireless energy and love of comics. Also, a lack of a fear of crowds.

• I’d also love to have a photographer to improve my own wretched Hipstamatic skillz. Ideally I’d like someone who can cover the show on Instagram, Vine, etc.

TO APPLY: send clips and a cover letter in email saying why you want to cover NYCC for The Beat to comicsbeat at


  1. Zach asks: Why do you need a love of comics? My hunch would be that a fan of comics would be passionate in pursuing great coverage; would appreciate the opportunity more than the typical writer; and might be forgiving of the eccentricities of some fans and creators.

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