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Help Wanted: Random House Graphic, DC, Marvel are all hiring


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Lots of job openings for folks looking to make their mark in the comics industry.

Random House Graphic is hiring a Marketing and Publicity Manager – this is the imprint led by Gina Gagliano that has already snapped up some of the best middle grade and YA comcis projects out there. Here’s the link to the job listing. 
Marketing & Publicity Manager, Random House Graphic
Random House Children’s Books seeks a Marketing & Publicity Manager to support Random House Graphic, a new imprint dedicated to publishing graphic novels for kids from young readers to middle grade and YA. The Marketing & Publicity Manager is responsible for developing and executing marketing and publicity campaigns for all titles published by RH Graphic and serving as a resource and support for all RHCB graphic novels. The manager will report to both Market and Publicity, and will work collaboratively as part of the RH Graphic Team.
Responsibilities & Duties

  • Collaborates with RH Graphic publishing team from the point of book acquisition to create strategic plans to publish and build authors and series
  • Conceptualizes, develops, and executes title-specific and RHG brand marketing and publicity campaigns.
  • Oversees all aspects of title-specific marketing and PR campaign development and execution including social media, advertising, author events, trade and consumer media outreach and retail-specific promotions.
  • Coordinates RH Graphic online influencer outreach, including bloggers and bookstagrammers
  • Develops and executes Random House Graphic social strategy; imprint-focused and title-specific
  • Coordinates RH Graphic presence at consumer shows and festivals
  • Oversees industry and consumer media outreach for the RH Graphic imprint and brand, in coordination with RHCB Publicity team.
  • Attends industry and pop culture conferences, participates in panels and programs, representing RH Graphic and RHCB graphic novels, as appropriate
  • Coordinates select aspects of school and library marketing specific to graphic novels; collaborates with school and library marketing team.
  • Conceptualizes and develops RH Graphic promotional materials
  • Works closely with RHCB’s marketing design and production team to oversee creative development for Random House Graphic marketing and promotional activities and materials
  • Conceptualizes and creates content for Random House Graphic enewsletter
  • Conceptualizes and executes Random House Graphic backlist marketing/publicity plans
  • Develops and executes long-term plans for graphic novel format advocacy, to the industry and the public
  • Partners on marketing and publicity for all graphic novels published by Random House Children’s Books
  • May perform other related duties or projects as required.


DC Comics is hiring a Managing Editor – a fairly momentous position that will liase with the Executive Editor, Talent Relations and, on eimagines, every other dept. to keep the trains running on time with 850 titles. The position oversees all DC imprints: Zoom, Ink, Vertigo, Black Label and DCU. As noted in this story legendary editor Dick Giordano held the ME title back in the 80s – when comics ublishing was a quite different affair. The DCu has had a Coordinating Editor in the past – a position held by fololks such as Liz Gehrlein – but this hire will quickly be thrust right into the fiery heart of DC’s schedule!
Oh and you’d better know Excel like the back of your hand.

Managing Editor

DC Entertainment (DCE) is home to the iconic brands of DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash and more), Vertigo (Sandman, Fables) and MAD. DCE drives the strategic integration of these brands throughout Warner Bros. Entertainment divisions, creating content and experiences with DC stories and characters across film, television, consumer products, home entertainment and interactive entertainment. DCE is also the largest English language comic publisher in the world. Its publishing business generates thousands of comic books, graphic novels and magazines each year.

Opportunity Overview

What part will you play?
DC Comics seeks a Managing Editor for the Editorial-DC Comics department. Manages editorial schedules for all DC imprints, (DC Comics, Vertigo, DC Black Label, DC Ink, DC Zoom and New Publishing Initiatives) ensuring projects meet their production dates. Work with all imprint executive editors to coordinate talent assignment to ensure target dates are met. Liaises with talent services department to ensure payment to talent. 

  • Develop and manage the digital and print book production internal schedules for approximately 850 releases ; focusing on improving delivery of product and the processes in their assembly; Work with editors to improve their productivity and talent retention by determining rate of delivery of talent work and coordinating cross all imprints talent availability and scheduling.
  • Forward plan and implement the scheduling of talent (approximately 400 individuals). Maintain the rate of availability and manage priority and exclusive talent to ensure work is planned out and communicated with the goal of maintaining a tighter pool of talent aligned with the interests of the company. Manage staff responsible for building all tracking schedules.
  • Design, build, and maintain databases to track intellectual property, schedules, legal and financial details, contact information, etc.; educate colleagues and respond to feedback on functionality/capabilities to insure the editors maintain an on time delivery of material for scheduled production.
  • Manage the weekly Pre-Publication meeting, where Editorial, Pre-Press and Production staff highlight potential timing issues for Periodicals & OGN’s that may require critical attention. Set up tracking reports on the delivery of work holding editorial accountable for agreed upon delivery dates.
  • Prepare monthly Development Report for SVP, Editor-in-Chief and co-Publishers, which includes capturing all A&E costs associated with projects.

What do we require from you?

  • BA in English or equivalent work experience required.
  • Minimum 7 years’ experience in managing or production editorial for book publishing.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Working knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style 16 and other standard references.
  • Effective and proven verbal and written communication skills.
  • Pre-press experience and familiarity with Adobe CS a plus.

Marvel Entertainment
Marvel alsways has a lot of job openings, many of them in Glendale working with the new media department. Currently there are 19 opening.  This new media DEveopment Manager sounds like an interesting gig here in NYC.

Development Manager

Job Summary:

The role of this New York-based Development Manager is to support the Marvel New Media group in all areas of the development, production and management of original content, both for Marvel-owned platforms and other third-party distribution outlets.
This person will be responsible for managing a wide range of projects that support both New Media and other Marvel lines of business. The role includes work in content strategy, talent outreach, production and coordination with the sales, audience development, marketing and product teams. The role will involve heavy collaboration both with other Marvel departments and companies outside of Marvel.


  • Development of new content for a variety of formats and platforms. This work will entail collaboration with internal Marvel departments, as well as external production companies and talent
  • Creation and review of treatments and one-pagers for various editorial, audio and video projects being run by the Marvel New Media team
  • Production management of short-form and long-form content for both owned and third-party platforms; including working with internal and external producers on the planning of projects and ensuring timetables and budgets are adhered to
  • Support of individual productions through creative notes as well as the overseeing of dissemination of rough cuts for review, managing third-party relationships, final asset delivery, etc
  • Collaboration with Sales and Partnerships in the creation of sponsored and branded content. Will need to lead brainstorms for content ideas, oversee the content planning and ensure production is executed as needed
  • Collaboration with other Marvel lines of business in content creation to support larger Marvel initiatives. Will be responsible for leading brainstorms, creating content packages and strategies and tracking the production, approval and release schedules of content
  • Coordination with Legal, Business Affairs, Brand, etc…to ensure that Marvel is protected and all risks have been addressed and discussed

Candidate will report directly to the VP, Development and Production Management.

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