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Help Dylan Williams, Buy A Book From Sparkplug


Via Rob Clough,

As anyone who is Facebook friends with him knows, Dylan Williams is very seriously ill and could use the help and support of the comics industry. The cartoonist and publisher of Sparkplug Comic Books indicated that beyond getting good vibes of support from his many, many friends, he could use financial support in the form of people ordering books.

It’s no secret that Sparkplug has been one of my favorite publishers over the past decade, as Dylan has really put his money where his mouth is in publishing work that he truly loves. Please consider stopping by their shop and ordering some books, comics or minis. Williams has been distributing books from like-minded souls for quite some time, so chances are there’s something you’ve missed. Please consider buying something from my suggested shopping list below, or anything that strikes your fancy from their extensive catalog.

Clough give a dozen great recommendations that can be picked up in the Sparkplug web store.

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