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Harry Potter Vans have arrived and they fit their Houses perfectly


By Reed Puc

Vans finally released a line of Harry Potter shoes, but we suspect some students at Hogwarts have been wearing them for a while:

Photo: Vans.

Chase Kelpis wears his Gryffindor Sk8-His tucked into his Quidditch team joggers. Gryffindor’s won the Quidditch Cup eight years in a row and Vans has recruited Chase for a sponsorship. He doesn’t lace his Sk8-His but keeps the white rubber soles charmed clean. He smells like Bludger Bodyspray and does not seem capable of not hitting on you when you sit together in Herbology.

Photo: Vans.

Amethyst Kettles is the top of your class and has a never-ending supply of ‘fun’ tights that she orders from ModTapestry.com to pair with her corduroy miniskirts. She has tiny bangs and purple glittery cateye glasses. She layers her tights with frilly ankle socks she claims belonged to her grandmother in the 40s – vintage. But they always look too clean against her Ravenclaw blue-and-silver checkered Authentics.

Photo: Vans.

Quinctilius Draconius wants you to know his Slytherin Eras are made with real dragon hide that he hunted with his fathers and brothers on their summer holiday to Romania. He doesn’t appreciate it when you point out that his name literally means ‘Fifth Draconius’ and that clearly his parents gave up on trying to name their kids. Also, you’ve definitely reported their illegal dragon hunt.

Photo: Vans.

Galaxy Fluke’s Hufflepuff slip-ons are supremely comfortable. You know this because one time, after a particularly rowdy party in the Hogwarts kitchens, you accidentally wore them back to your dorm. Everyone complimented you on them the next day in the Great Hall. Maybe Hufflepuff is really where it’s at?

In addition to shoes, which also include Marauder’s Map and Snitch designs, the Harry Potter x Vans collection includes apparel, accessories and more. Shop everything here.

Photo: Vans.


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