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Happy New Year, Beat Nation!


We’re rolling up the RSS feeds and email drops here at Stately Beat Manor, piling up the fireplace, heating up the mulled cider, and settling in to see the new year and new decade in. We still have a few looks back before we move forward. And forward we shall be moving. The Beat will be undergoing MAJOR MAJOR changes in 2010, all for the better — details when we can spill them!

In the meantime thanks to our valued contributors in 2009 — Zena Tsarfin, Evie Nagy, Paul O’Brien, Marc-Oliver Frsch, Steve Bunch and Aaron Humphreys. Super special thanks to our tireless proofreader and commenter Steven Stahl and to Mark Coale, who help out just about every day. A special thanks also to Torsten for his ceaseless posting and helping make this a more useful, informative site.

Thanks to the rest of the home-based flight crew: Amy, Trish, Charlene, Desi, Charles, Nikki, Trisha, Jah Furry, Jimmy, Amanda, Franks 1, 2 and 3, Elim, Dave, Paul, Brian, Tim, Nisha, Whitney, Kai-Ming, Evie, Calvin, Douglas, Laura, Rich, Dean and of course, Future Mr. Beat, the most elite Beat operative of them all.

Most of all, thanks to YOU, our faithful readers, who come here regularly. The many, many kind comments in email and in person are the biggest incentive imaginable to keep trying to make this a better and better site and resource. 2010 is going to be another one for the history books, and we’re going to be here every step of the way.

So to all, the very best in the New Year and beyond.


  1. Happy New Year Heidi and crew! Thanks for doing your part to keep those of us that love comics together as a community that is informed and able to share our thoughts in an intelligent and open forum. Looking forward to any improvement that continues to make the Beat a must read site.

    2010 is going to be a banner year for us at CO2 Comics and I’m sure it will be for everyone else. It is time to move forward, enjoy what we do best and prosper.

  2. Happy New Year everyone!

    I have positive feelings about 2010, and not just because it’s the year we make contact.

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