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  1. While I am concerned about the rise of fascism in the Republican Party due to the Teabaggers, I have hope that we can come together and defeat this dark trend, and that America will see another 200+ years of progress towards liberty, equality, and brotherhood.

  2. @carlton Wow with your inclusive approach I am sure “brotherhood” is right around corner. It is always helpful to segregate people into convenient groups to hate. Us and them rhetoric is so American. Happy Birthday America indeed, buy a mirror Carlton you are part of the problem.

  3. Jesse, no, sir– I absolutely reject that position.

    Corporations are not people. Money is not speech. Paying taxes is not slavery.

    Obama is a citizen. He was not born in Kenya, nor is he a socialist. The Affordable Care Act is not going to destroy America. No Democrat in congress is a communist.

    Evolution is really a scientifically tested theory, as legitimate as any theory in science.

    It’s not okay that we continue to give tax cuts to the 1% while wages stagnate and the standard of living for most Americans continues to fall.

    I’m not going to be intimidated out of standing up for what is good and right and true because someone labels that as “hate.”

    The Republicans, thanks in large measure to Frank Luntz, are practicing Newspeak. They do understand that telling a lie over and over again will cause people to speak it as truth.

    No, sir, I reject your position. It is not hate to stand up to fascism. It is not patriotism to fall in line with Republican ideology.

    While I am not saying all Republicans are Nazi sympathizers, or am I saying that this new breed of American fascism is the same as that promulgated by the Nazi party, I want you to consider this:

    What if you had been living in Germany or Italy in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, what would you have done?

    Not enough people spoke out then. I’m not talking about Hitler’s “Final Solution,” I’m talking about his economic and political rhetoric.

    It was popular in Germany. It was embraced by people who were Christians, who loved their country and were proud of it’s history. They wanted to be good people and love their country, and look what they did.

    Nope, I won’t be silent about what I see. I won’t speak more politely and deferentially because these are my “fellow Americans,” and I won’t be dissuaded by people who try to label my speech as “hate.”

    It is wrong of the Catholic church to cry that their religious freedom is being threatened when their hospitals and colleges are required to provide legal birth control to women. It’s not okay to listen to Rush Limbaugh and then call yourself a Christian.

    It’s not okay to purge voter lists in an attempt to swing an election.

    Sorry, Jesse– being a Pollyanna and burying your head in the sand is not the appropriate response to what the Republicans are doing.

    You sincerely cannot say that what we are seeing from the Republican party– that openly and confidently seeks to delegitamize Democratic presidents through political witch-hunts so it can be installed as the “permanent majority” is in anyway good or right or true.

    Sorry, Jesse. You are in the wrong here.

  4. So, Jesse, please– feel free to refute anything I said. It’s so much easier to just call someone names. That’s a favored tactic of those who can’t back up their own positions.

  5. Carlton, this is a comic website not your political toilet. There are extremists and nuts on both sides, of which you Carlton are one. The great irony is you are stereotyping in the same fashion as the people you hate. You actually think you are fighting Nazis. Wow.

  6. Hey, I’m not that guy.

    Well, let’s see… so far you’ve attempted to mischaracterize what I’ve said, you’ve called me names, you’ve distorted what I’ve said, and now you’re calling me the name of a noted Republican fascist.

    Jesse, you are ON FIRE!

  7. You called conservatives facists, Teabaggers and a Dark Trend. I am neither conservative nor Christian. I more than likely voted similarly to you in the last 5 presidential elections. (I have shook Bill Clinton’s hand) You however denigrate the other side and make dialogue impossible. In short you are everything that makes taking a middle path impossible, you are the very people you hate. Yes like Anne Coulter and Bill Maher except presumably you don’t get paid to do so. You just bring this shit up on a comic website. Go yell at Foxnews and make Ruport Murdock more money.

  8. I have never called conservatives fascists, but I will certainly call the modern Republican party fascist, and I’ll even go further and say that the Tea Party sprang up out of racist hatred that a black man was elected president.

    But god forbid if someone points that out. Right, Jesse.

    Hey, it’s not the Democrats who are out there buying guns in record numbers and talking about armed insurrection because the court has found the ACA constitutional.

    You are a coward, Jesse. Things are not all right in this country, and you want to pretend that they are.

    To that end, you will lie, distort the truth and attempt to silence anyone who is trying to call attention to what is going on.

    Worse, you can’t see the difference between Coulter and Maher.

    With the lack of backbone you have, you would make a perfect Democrat.

  9. I think you just proved my point Carlton. Although I was born in another country, I served this country for 4 years in the military that’s how I happened to shake the presidents hand. I take your coward comment and say back FUCK YOU Carlton. I love the US and will till the day I die liberals, conservatives, democrats and republicans. You, I have no use for but at least you can say what you want here.

  10. I just hope you can turn the “dark tide” of American Teabagger Republican Fascism, Carlton. America needs you now “hero” one man’s struggle, it’s a lonely road but you can do it.

  11. Best wishes to all American comic creators and fans on your July 4th. I hope it finds you safe and spending time with those you care about.

  12. Peewee Herman’s secret word of the day is TACT. Whenever you hear the word tact, drink some alcohol and dance around in your velvet Uncle Sam suit unflappable. Happy 4th!

  13. LOL, the Tea Party’s platform as written and practiced is strict adherence to the Constitution. To translate that into fascism somehow and/or assume racist intent because you lack a counter-argument is indicative of X-Files level paranoia.

  14. Well, that went downhill fast.

    Just a quote for everyone:

    “Good and evil have not changed since yesteryear, nor are they one thing among Elves and another among Men. It is a man’s part to discern them, as much in the Golden Wood as in his own house.”
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

    This trend towards “seeing both sides” doesn’t mean that you can’t sometimes look at a side and it turns out it’s full of shit.