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Happy ending in Marshall


In case you missed it, here is the full story from the Marshall Democrat-News on the new Marshall, MO library policy and the fate of FUN HOME and BLANKETS which were removed from shelves following complaints over adult content. The books have been returned to circulation but will be shelved in the Adult section instead of the YA section.

And just like that, democracy and intelligence reign.

More in the link.

  1. Yeay! ^o^/ Blankets is one of my personal favorites that I think a lot of small-town people are able to relate to. If there are cities that need books like these most, it’s towns like these. :)

  2. Actually, in a democracy, if over 50% of voters wanted these books banned, they would be. Which is why I prefer to live in a country where our rights (including freedom of speech) are protected, even from a democratic majority vote.

    Democracy did not reign. But intelligence did. Yay!

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