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Happy Birthday, Jimmy Palmiotti


A special birthday shout-out to writer/artist Jimmy Palmiotti, the best friend and advisor of almost everyone in comics–The Beat included–and creator or co-creator of comics from The Pro, Monolith, 21 Down, Painkiller Jane, Back to Brooklyn, and of course a long, acclaimed run on Jonah Hex.

c 1995, Rome, Italy, on a tour for Ash, the comics Jimmy co-created and published with Joe Quesada

Although Jimmy’s globetrotting adventures are legendary…

…for sure there’s nothing he likes better than hanging out with his girl, the great Amanda Conner.

If you know Jimmy, you know there’s no one else like him. You also know that he’s the best. We love you, Jimmy!

  1. Happy Birthday, Jimmy! You were one of the first guys in comics that I got to know and that supported me in my writing journey. I will always be grateful. I hope your birthday was great…sure you spent it with the amazing Amanda. :)

  2. Jimmy and Amanda were the first US pros that I met and he spent quite a bit of time helping me prep for my first gig landing SDCC.

    I see him for about five minutes once a year and it’s always the best part of the trip.

    Happy Birthday Jimmy!

    xxx Nicola.

  3. I’ve been a Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner fan for some time. I met them for the first time last November in Miami, when I had to moderate a comics panel pretty much at the last minute; I was nervous as all get-out, it was my very first time moderating. He and Amanda both made me feel more comfortable; and Jimmy sat in the audience, smiling at all of us (but especially at Amanda) the whole time. They probably don’t know how much they helped me through that experience, which was nerve-wracking and wonderful at the same time. So thanks, Jimmy, and happy 50th!

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