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Happy Birthday, Heidi MacDonald!


Hey, do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? A whoa-whoa-whoooo. So anyway, today is HEIDI MACDONALD’S FLIPPING BIRTHDAY!!

Every time she strides down a convention hall, scarf billowing in her wake, the comics industry feels each footstep pounding into their very souls. Having moved from comics editor through to one of the leading voices in comics criticism and journalism, she knows basically every single person who has ever been – or ever will be, there’s strong indications that she can read the future – in the industry.

She also runs this site, which is a PRETTY NEAT SITE, all things considered! To celebrate, here is a picture of Heidi presumably auditioning for SNL:

Happy Birthday, Heidi! Let’s all share embarrassing stories and celebrations in the comments!


  1. Happy Birthday, Heidi!

    The first time i met Heidi was waiting in lien for the very first DC New 52 panel at SDCC. We chatted about it and then sat next to each other at the panel. I had no idea who she was at the time.

    Then I asked Dan Didio a very challenging question about female representation in his company. Long story short, I later found out the nice lady I was sitting by, was a news reporter and now I was going to be covered on the Beat.

    It was a crazy time. Thanks for always fighting for our industry Heidi! Happy Birthday!

  2. Heidi is super cool, and it’s a blast to hang with her at a convention, as she knows every single person in the world of comics. You might think that is an exaggeration, but I assure you, it’s not!

    Also, I will never forget being with her on the fateful, historic day we got to meet Gerard Butler in San Diego together. ;)

    It struck me as incredibly appropriate one year when literally the first person I saw while walking up to the SD Convention Center a few hours before preview day was Heidi. Who else?

    A huge happy birthday to The Beat’s fearless leader, and a sincere thank you to her for letting play a (very) small part in it.

  3. Been reading her criticism and journalism since my late teens, and I’m not sure when she worked there, but I may have read her work in Disney Adventures as a child.
    It’s safe to say she’s had a hand in the kind of comic book reader I am today.
    Here’s to many more!

  4. And where does Heidi get to celebrate her birthday??? At the Miami Book Fair International! That’s one helluva place to have any kind of party but she is now discovering just how well those Miami Book Fair folks take care of their guests(right Dino and Jimmy?)

    Happy Birthday Heidi! Go hang out by that big ol Banyan tree and hoist a margarita for me.

  5. That would have been understandable in the ’80s, when Heidi and Cat were pretty much the ONLY well-known female comics fans.

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