Happy Birthday, Heidi MacDonald!http://ift.tt/18aP7Rn

Hey, do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? A whoa-whoa-whoooo. So anyway, today is HEIDI MACDONALD’S FLIPPING BIRTHDAY!!


Every time she strides down a convention hall, scarf billowing in her wake, the comics industry feels each footstep pounding into their very souls. Having moved from comics editor through to one of the leading voices in comics criticism and journalism, she knows basically every single person who has ever been – or ever will be, there’s strong indications that she can read the future – in the industry.

She also runs this site, which is a PRETTY NEAT SITE, all things considered! To celebrate, here is a picture of Heidi presumably auditioning for SNL:


Happy Birthday, Heidi! Let’s all share embarrassing stories and celebrations in the comments!

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