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Found this in our catchup and although it’s kind of old news, it’s still of some interest. Newsarama has a preview of Amy Hadley’s art for the upcoming MADAME XANADU book from Vertigo. It’s written by Matt Wagner. Hadley’s previous book was FOOL’S GOLD for Tokyopop. The move of American manga artists into the mainastream is a little awkward both ways. Quote Hadley:

AH: I actually didn’t think much about working in mainstream American comics until the mainstream approached me. I’d done some sample pages for a couple Marvel titles before this and it really opened my mind to how many awesome comics there were out there, when all I’d ever read was manga. So I’m sort of ashamed to say that before then, I was pretty closed minded at the idea.

But the love geos both ways as a Newsarama poster shows:

That its a kind of romance makes me less interested but eh…Phantom Stranger is a cool character, Matt Wagner is a great writer, and this art is pretty so I’ll give it a shot.

Hope the artist has gotten some tough skin. Most comic book fans, unlike manga fans, have no concept of, “If I don’t like a book, I just don’t read it”. I just know there’s a group of Madame Xanadu fans SOMEWHERE out there just waiting to insult this book if they don’t like it.


  1. As another creator who does work for both Tokyopop and DC, I have to say that I’m extremely excited about this project. Amy is an amazing talent and she’s going to bring something extremely fresh to Vertigo. I mean, I love Matt Wagner, but there’s no way I’d be buying this book if Amy or someone equally and uniquely talented weren’t handling the art chores.

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