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Gyllenhaal = Billy Batson


Didn’t see that one coming:

According to a story in the New York Daily News, Jake is being courted to play Captain Marvel in the upcoming adaptation of the lame comic Shazam!. The film is currently in the early scripting stages with John August newly hired to start writing it, so it may seem a bit early to start talking casting already. But apparently, New Line is already after Jake precisely because they’re afraid Sony will snatch him up to be the new Spidey. They want to lock him into their film before that can happen, thus giving us Jake Gyllenhaal in another crappy comic adaptation instead of Jake Gyllenhaal in the best superhero franchise ever willed into existence.

  1. What if Captain Marvel was played by a black actor?
    In movies htere hasn’t been a black superhero but Captain Marvel would be perfect.

  2. Can someone please just do the right thing and turn this property over to Pixar so they can make a cgi movie?

    CC Beck’s style is perfect for this medium, and Jerry ordway’s homage to art deco would also be a kick in the pants.

    Oh well…

    I do hope that all this interest in the character will spur people to get the dvd of the original Cap serial.

  3. I heard grumbles at work about this today from my fellow Sony co-workers.

    Yeah – this also prompts me to go into storage and whip out my old VHS copy of the serial along with my Phantom and Cap America one


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