Something from the WB/DC movie corral that sounds very intriguing: Guillermo del Toro is heading up a “Dark Universe” film which would unite characters like Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and so on.

Del Toro say he’s found the perfect writer to develop the script, he says in an interview during the Mama junket. Among the characters mentioned: Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Zatarra, the Demon, Constantine, Deadman, and the Spectre.

Asked if the movie is full steam ahead, del Toro replies: “The movement for this happened before [the Avengers] even. They were already galvanized to launch Justice League and and to make their universe cohesive. What I feel now is that they are really really—with Superman they feel very, very confident about what they have. They have two pillars, Batman and Superman for the DC universe. Tonally, they are finding they have a darker tone, an urban and sophisticated tone. Now they can build their foundation and they can build the building. I’m very excited and hopefully it will happen.”

A Justice League Dark movie? With so many great characters to choose from, this is really a no-brainer. While Marvel has been rolling full steam ahead with their movies. WB is trying to catch up—a task made more difficult by the ongoing power struggles at the studio. For months, the rumor that studio head Jeff Robinov was on his way out have been going around, but he’s still there…and the rumors keep swirling. Warners executives fumbling of the superhero balls are legendary, but the stakes are higher than ever, so a lot of projects are in the hopper, and something is going to stick. A Guillermo del Toro produced “Vertigo” movie would be a promising candidate.


  1. Well, hopefully this at least means Justice League Dark will continue to get more rope. I don’t think it’s in dire straights, but sales could be better. The book is excellent, I wish it would catch on with more readers! And HOW in the world the aritst can maintain his (almost) monthly schedule and give us such amazing work is still beyond me!

  2. JLD has been the best of the new 52 books, IMO. Not really into the rest of what DC had to offer. Clearly I wasn’t the only one

  3. What about the 3rd awesome DC movie pillar, the Green Lantern? I love del Toro but this is plain stupid the Batman pillar just ended, the Superman franchise is not yet a franchise. A lot of assumptions here. Trying to conceptually put Nolan’s Batman in a JLA movie is beyond ridiculous. WB’s shared universe isn’t even a stretch, it doesn’t exist.

  4. This sounds more like Alan Moore’s “Swamp Thing” extravaganza at the end of the “American Gothic” storyline than anything recent…

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