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We’re just stealing this from Tim Hodler at Comics Comics, via a Village Voice interview with French director Alain Resnais because it is three-way cool.

“We decided that the light should be emotional rather than realistic,” says [Alain] Resnais, citing a source of inspiration in one of his beloved comic-strip illustrators, Terry and the Pirates creator Milton Caniff. “At a time when comic strips were very disparaged as an art form, I was very happy to learn that Orson Welles and Milton Caniff had a correspondence in which they said that each was influenced by the other. And Orson Welles was not an imbecile!”

The Lady from Shanghai

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  1. I remember Alan Resnais was mentioned in a Stan Lee Soapbox column in the late ’60s, maybe early ’70s. Alan was apparently a big comics’ fan then, so it’s not surprising to hear his love of the medium goes even further back than that.

  2. I remember Welles mentioning his admiration for Terry and the Pirates in the Peter Bogdanovitch interview book. He also said he couldn’t connect with the right leaning post-war Steve Canyon.

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