We reported recently on the upcoming Yen Press manga-daptation of GOSSIP GIRL, the immensely popular TV show and book series. Well, Splash Page has a preview of the comic, written and illustrated by HyeKyung Baek starting in the January issue of the Yen Press anthology magazine. We’ll be watching the sales on this one closely.


  1. Oh my god. There is not one thing about that page or cover or whatever that isn’t absolutely horrible. I didn’t know it was possible for any human to make so many disastrous mistakes in one place.

    If that’s what the rest of the series looks like, I predict very low sales.

  2. Not a great cover, but the stylization doesn’t seem wildly out of place for manga. Reminds me of whoever it was that did the manga, Model. Lots of supremely tall, thin, pretty people.