xmenfirstclassHere is an idea that always works: sexy young teens, with powers that they can’t control, in a hormone-filled, world-in-peril cauldron, who are known as “Young X-Men.” It worked when it was NEW MUTANTS, and it worked when it was GENERATION X and also when it was EXILES, X-MEN FIRST CLASS, and even something with the unlikely name of YOUNG X-MEN.

GENERATION X was already a poor TV movie back in the ’90s, but X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is getting the movie treatment as well, via a script by Josh Schwartz, who created both Gossip Girl and The O.C., so he is clearly a visionary for our time:

“First Class” will focus on a younger set of super-powered mutants than the first trilogy or next summer’s Hugh Jackman-starring prequel, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

“First Class” could serve as a prequel and focus on certain X-Men characters like Cyclops but as teens, or it could focus on some of the students attending the mutant school introduced in the “X-Men” movies. Marvel Comics ran a short-lived comics series with the same name several years ago.

In a sad twist, Schwartz will not direct the film.


  1. And in the first scene, a delinquent Scott Summer speeds his Dad’s Chevy off the cliff, saves himself by grasping the edge, only to be asked by Sentinel: “What’s your name.”

    “Scott Summers”

    He will then be put together with an emotionally out of control Jean Grey, who is supposed to be the team leader, but clearly, in an unexpected twist, gets a visit from Famke Jansen as her future self to…


    Oh, no… wait….

    Okay, seriously, could these people please STOP trying to remake the James Dean movies they furiously masturbated to while they were 12?

    And wasn’t X-MEN from 2000? And Ratner’s Last Something from 2006?

    2 years? To years to a REBOOT? Somebody should send in Sir Sean to Hollywood! A lot of people need a lot of whupping!

  2. First Class has been (sadly) canceled, but the “several years ago” thing is still way off, as the most recent super-sized issue was, like, last month. I will have to walk down the hall and rap the non-nerds at THR on the knuckles.

  3. You know…some of us saw that poor Generation X movie when we were in middle school and LOVED it, even though we knew it was bad. These kids today with their 4 superhero movies a year have it easy.

  4. Here, Here! As crappy as it was and as good as it could have been. I watched the Generation X tv movie over and over again on the VHS tape that I made when it was first on tv, old ads and all.

  5. Speaking of which, when oh when is Marvel going to release the New Mutants Essential collection?? I mean, Werewolf by Night but no New Mutants??? What the hell…?

  6. I actually think this is a good move – I think Schwartz is a really solid writer – sort of a junior Joss Whedon (without the addiction to getting his shows canceled by Fox), and it makes sense to get the next generation going since the original X franchise is defunct for now.

  7. First Class just took a break from what I’ve read.
    There’s a new series called First Class Finals coming early in ’09

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