After the cries of shock and horror the other day after the news that Rocketship, the popular Brooklyn comics shop, had closed, we are listening for the huzzahs and hoorays sure to come from the news that it has reopened, according to postings here on the Beat and a post on the store’s blog:

Rocketship is currently open again for business. We apologize for any inconvenience over the past few weeks…

More information in the days to come…

Great news and hooray for Alex and Mary! Comics need Rocketship!


  1. It looks like they’re only open again to have a going out of business sale. Their website shows 30-70% off the entire store.

  2. Yeah, I can confirm this. I was hoping it was just a “raise some quick cash” kind of sale, but they’re now selling fixtures and everything else. They are closing for business.

    Great store. Will be missed!