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Give yourself a present: Email amnesty


It’s my birthday, and I’m giving myself a present. No, not a Longstreth style beard. Email escape amnesty. After looking at the thousands of piled up emails, Facebook requests and so on, I’m going to start fresh. Yes yes, there are some urgent emails regarding advertising, internships, and previews that I am tagging for future actions, but the big backlog is going to the great archive on the cloud. I’ve been plugging away, GTD-style, on rerouting all my garbage email from mailing lists I once signed up to in an ill-advised moment, to filters and other addresses. So if there’s something super important you need to contact me about, the new, freshly resurfaced inbox should be adequate to get immediate attention.

Although managing the electronic avalanche isn’t my forte, I will say I’ve had good success refashioning my RSS feeds, syncing everything up and getting rid of dead and useless feeds. With things slowing down for the holidays I’m feeling pretty good about this, so please don’t harsh my mellow.

And thanks for the hundreds and hundreds of birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere. You guys are the best, and this move is going to give me a chance to send more birthday wishes in return.

  1. I DMZ’ed my inbox a few weeks ago– honestly, just couldn’t be happier. That day it was like a giant weight was lifted off my digital shoulders.

    Congrats, that’s a fantastic present to yourself! And one that keeps on giving!!
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Beat!!! I hope the next year brings you more scoops, more time for awesome Beat movie reviews, and less Attacks of the Hater Comment Clones.

  3. Many happy returns. I’m actually glad to hear you had such a pile up. I was beginning to think you didn’t like me anymore. Of course, what’s not to like, right? Anyway, your brand new life starts today. Don’t let anyone (including yourself) hold any of your past mistakes against you if you have only learned and grown to become a better person from them. That’s what I do and it feels like my birthday every day. Wow, hold old am I? ;o)

  4. Can you set up separate emails for the important stuff, like advertising, press releases, scoops, party invites?

    Are there email programs which will search for keywords, and move the email to specific folders?

    Heh… or should we just send you a potcard?

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