Girlamatic is accepting submissions from October 6th through November 5th, 2007. They will be open again in April. Editor Lisa Jonte has a list of guidelines that are pretty good guidelines for anything, so we’ll quote a few:

1. Look at what’s already on GAM. There’s plenty to see that will give you an idea of what we’re looking for and what we usually publish. GAM is kindly disposed towards good manga and Oni-like comics, but we’re not tied to a single visual style. We are looking for comics with well-defined characters, a good story to tell and with appeal to either young adult or adult women.

2. BEFORE YOU SEND ME YOUR PITCH, read How To Write a Book Proposal, by Michael Larsen. While it is geared towards non-fiction proposals, it does teach everything you need to know about crafting a readable proposal. I can’t say for sure I’d know if someone HASN’T read this when they pitch, but I sure can tell who HAS. What I DON’T want to see is your entire story written out in a single-spaced block in email. Have mercy. Write your proposal and put it up as a web page, or send it as an attached .rtf or Word file.

3. Email me at [email protected], subject line “GAM: (title)”, otherwise my spam filters will eat it. To this address, send me the URL of your comic or sample pages and proposal.

4. Do NOT tell me your proposal isn’t your best work. If it isn’t, why should I look at it? If you usually do things like use “u” for “you”, “4” for “four” and “LOL” for punctuation, DO NOT when you write me. I expect to see a command of conventional English. Also, sell yourself without resorting to emoticons. They are for casual correspondence, which a professional proposal most certainly is not.

5. Show me that you already know how to put a comic/images online. I want to see clean presentation (which means learning how to use an image editing program to take out grays from scans), good lettering (many decent free fonts available at, so there’s no excuse for lettering in Times New Roman).