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Gilbert Hernandez’s THE TROUBLEMAKERS previewed


Is there a new book by Gilbert Hernandez out every time we turn around — or is that just an illusion? Either way, we win, since Hernandez is one of the greatest comics storytellers of the age. To show how, CBR previews THE TROUBLEMAKERS, his latest pulp graphic novel, just out from Fantagraphics.

  1. Cool panel. I haven’t liked a lot of Gilbert and Jaime’s short-run efforts, because IMO they do their best work on big sprawling Garcia-Marquezzesque canvases.

    But I’ll give it a look.

  2. That sexist sap Hernandez sucks just like he has since he started in the ’80s, when I was likewise ripping him then.

    Those ugly fake-looking boobs on that chick would have sagged down to her knees long before now, Gil baby.

  3. This book was originally solicited in the April 2008 issue of Previews. It’s just more than a smidge late…. I actually canceled it. If a book is that late, I just can’t keep money tied up for that long. Which is unfortunate because I love Gil Hernandez and now I won’t be getting this. :(

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