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Giants Beware! could be the next big kids comic


Remember how we keep telling you that kids’ graphic novels are the fastest growing segment of the US GN market? One of the reason for the spurt is that the books keep getting better. For example, GIANTS BEWARE! from First Second by writer Jorge Aguirre and artist Rafael Rosado. It’s a pretty simple tale: Claudette wants to fight giants but everyone keeps stopping her. Until she sets off on a secret adventure with two unlikely companions and many odd things are discovered. A pretty simple tale, but it’s the brisk storyline and sure-handed, animation-style art by Rosado that has a few people comparing this to BONE. There’s a trailer, above, which won’t make you puke, an interview with the authors and a preview in the above link, and a page below. GIANT BEWARE! is definitely a book to consider for the younger readers on your buying list, but grown-ups may enjoy it too.

The book launches next month.

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