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The expected tsunami of San Diego news is well under way, and we’ll start our annual mega posting tomorrow. In the meantime, apologies for the erratic Beat posting schedule of late, due to conflicting deadlines on a variety of fronts; juggling all this stuff seems to take as much time as getting it accomplished. Despite all the problems, I hope you can stick with me. Of course, I’ll be in San Diego to report on as much of it as one human possibly can — we’ll have a few stringers and correspondents on the scene as well and hopefully we can dig a little into the behind-the-scenes of the hype and hoopla.

Also, in answer to many requests, the monthly sales charts are going up, starting later today — better late than never!

Finally a note re SD10: WHY is everyone having their events Friday night opposite the Eisners? Come on now, people — you KNOW you aren’t going to get into the EW party!

  1. “…to report on as much of it as one human possibly can.”

    Sorry, Heidi, but your rabid fan base requires a *superhuman* reporting effort.

    I have never been to ComiCon, but from what I have heard here and elsewhere, simply *going* to the Con has started to require a superhuman effort. I’ll admit that each time I think of the Con, I am reminded of your post some years back comparing it to the Book of Invasions.

    Safe travels! Have fun! And watch out for Tuatha Dé Danann in disguise.

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