Yesterday, Clifford Meth, who works as an advocate for many older comics artists, posted that legendary artist Gene Colan had been injured and some of his art was missing:

Gene was injured last week and is now being cared for by his son and daughter. In addition, it appears that some of Gene’s artwork has disappeared, including pages from Nathanial Dusk and a Star Wars-related piece. The police are involved in the matter.

If Gene Colan art is currently circulating in the marketplace, it is possible that these pieces were stolen. Please email me if you see artwork that is the least bit questionable.

While this was posted in accordance with the family’s wishes in order to alert the art collecting crowd that some pages may have been obtained under questionable circumstances, it has unfortunately, via the internet game of telephone, morphed into the rumor that Colan was mugged last week and the art stolen from him.

I’ve been contacted by a reliable source stating that this is not the case. Colan was indeed injured in his house and art is missing, but it is not part of a mugging. Details of the injury and missing artwork are being kept vague to respect the Colan family’s privacy.

Colan is home and recuperating and expected to recover from the injury.

The artist on such books as TOMB OF DRACULA and IRON MAN, Colan is a Bronze Age master. In recent years, he’s suffered from a series of health issues.

UPDATE: Meth has just posted another update on his blog. Developing.


  1. Very relieved to hear Mr. Colan was not attacked. May you heal fast and find your missing art.

    Nathaniel Dusk is brilliant work and deserves a trade paperback treatment. I can dream, can’t I?

  2. With the updated post by Gene Colan’s children, there may not have been a “mugging”, but some sort of physical altercation did take place in his home. Speculate what you will from their statement.

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