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New GAME OF THRONES Photos Tease Prep for the Epic Battle of Winterfell


After the premiere of the first episode of Game of Thrones’ final season, devoted viewers saw heartwarming reunions between the remaining Stark children, the return of The Hound and Gendry, and creepy stares from Bran as he waited for his “friend” in the courtyard. Oh and Jon found out he has been bedding his aunt. Yikes. The episode also gave us a chilly meeting between Sansa and Daenerys and a gruesome message left by the Night King in the form of Tiny Lord Umber tacked to a wall.


Episode 2 furthers the progression toward the upcoming epic Battle of Winterfell where even opposing families seem to be siding with each other to fight the bigger threat of the Night King’s army (Sansa still isn’t sold on Cersei actually showing up). As everyone prepares for war, Bran and Jaime come face-to-face, and most likely Jaime will have another awkward encounter in the form of Daenerys, since he’s the one who murdered her father all those years ago. Jaime isn’t great at making friends, except for Brienne of Tarth, who we haven’t really seen just yet.


The new images show more conversation between Sam and Jon as well as Sam relaxing with Gilly and her son. Missandei and Grey Worm seem to be having an intense conversation while Tyrion enjoys a drink before things get real. Bran takes a moment in the godswood while badass Lyanna Mormont suits up in armor.



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